SUW 2015 English Program Summaries
Experience the future called “Ishinomaki.”

At the intersection of people, ideas, and possibilities, Ishinomaki is the first stop on the track to building the future.
Aiming to make the town “the most interesting town in the world,” STAND UP WEEK represents the coalescence of the community’s ideas on how to build Ishinomaki’s future.
Staying true to our goal of involving as many people as possible in this process, for this year’s STAND UP WEEK we’ve prepared five different ways to join in on the fun.


Experience “Everyone’s” Tanabata
Everyone’s Tanabata
Dates: Workshop: from 7/24 Main Exhibition: 7/31-8/1
Location: Aitopia Street Shopping District
Sponsored by: ISHINOMAKI 2.0, STAND UP WEEK 2015 Executive Committee,Aitopia Shopping District
The Tanabata-kazari that have traditionally lined the streets during the Ishinomaki Kawabiraki Festival will be making their return this year for the first time since the Great East Japan Earthquake – all through the efforts of Ishinomaki’s citizens themselves. Beginning with fukinagashi decorations, this project aims to invade both local involvement in the Kawabiraki Festival, and the local pride and love felt for the city of Ishinomaki.

Experience Ishinomaki’s Creativity
Ishinomaki Yunagi Dining
Dates: 7/24-7/26
Time: 5PM-9:30PM
Location: In front of Shochiku, 7-23 Chuo 2-chome, Ishinomaki
Admission: In Advance: ¥4,000 Day Of: ¥4,500 Limited to 20 diners per service, 2 services per day
Reservations: Available (after reaching capacity we will cease taking new reservations)
Sponsored by: Yunagi Dining Executive Committee

Surpassing the limits of traditional cuisines and eras, chefs representing Ishinomaki’s most renown restaurants well gather riverside in the twilight of the setting sun to offer a full course meal. The beauty of Ishinomaki brought riverside extends far beyond individual ingredients, presenting a locally sourced experience sure to be enjoyed with all five senses.

Ishinomaki Laboratory Workshop – Building Tables for Yunagi Dining
Date: 7/25
Time: 10AM-12PM
Location: In front of Shouchiku, 7-23 Chuo 2-chome, Ishinomaki
Admission: ¥5,000 (subject to change, includes ticket to Yunagi Dining Event, limited to 16 participants)
Reservations: Available before the event
Sponsored by: Ishinomaki Laboratory Inc.

A workshop format class on table-making conducted by the staff of the Ishinomaki Laboratory. Including a ticket to the Yunagi Dining Event, this unique experience will allow you to enjoy the occasion knowing that you helped construct it yourself.

Dates: Main Exhibition 7/25-8/1 Tanabata-kazari: 7/31-8/1
Ishinomaki “Koto-badge” Workshop: 7/31
Ishinomaki Karuta Tournament: 8/1
Times: Main Exhibition: 11AM-7PM Individual Events: 11AM-7PM (details for individual events TBA)
Location: MakiBiz, 2-2-10 Chuo, Ishinomaki
Admission: Free
Sponsored by: HOYAPAI 2015 Executive Committee

Paying homage to Ishinomaki’s local speciality, the sea pineapple (also known as “hoya”), in balloon form, HOYAPAI is a participatory art exhibition by local artist Kazumi Ota. In addition to being able to pose for photos with HOYAPAI hats, a “koto-badge” (a portmanteau of the words for “badge” and “phrase”) workshop, as well as a karuta (a traditional Japanese card game) tournament will be held.

Fukkou Bar’s Barkeep for the Day
Dates: 7/24-8/1
Time: 7:30PM-12AM (depending on barkeep’s availability)
Location: Fukkou Bar, 8-8 Chuo 1-chome, Ishinomaki
Admission: from ¥500
Reservations: Not Required
Sponsored by: ISHINOMAKI 2.0

Fukkou Bar was started by a group of friends in July of 2011 as a DIY project following the Great East Japan Earthquake. In that same spirit, the Barkeep for the Day system allows you to take the reins of the bar for a day, giving a taste of what you have to offer the community. From artists to those specializing in seafood products, people from a wide variety of backgrounds have taken their turn as barkeep.

PHOTO NO MAKI FESTIVAL 2015 Presents: Mode de Ishinomaki
Dates: 7/24-8/1 (24-Hour Outdoor Exhibition), 7/22 (Model Photoshoot)
Location: 3-12 Chuo 2-chome, Ishinomaki
Admission: Free
Reservations: Not Required
Inquiries: 0225-25-4953,
Sponsored by: Kurashinoaruie Project

High fashion on the streets of Ishinomaki. Experience the unique power of photography as the streets and town with which you’re so familiar are transformed into a runway spanning the shopping district. Additionally, join photography Muga Miyahara and Ishinomaki-born models for an open-to-the-public photoshoot!

Experience Ishinomaki’s new concept for tourism

Ishinomaki Job Travel
Dates: 7/24-7/30
Times: Specific times and the maximum number of participants vary based on the location
Locations: Ishinomaki Laboratory
Ishinomaki Hibi Newspaper
Cafe Hamagurido
Fukkou Bar
Admission: ¥8,640
Reservations: Required
Sponsored by: Job-travel Agency

We’ve prepared an excursion that’ll take you backstage into the often unseen world of several industries. Whether it’s “Into the World of Local Journalism,” “How to Run a Cafe,” “Working at Fukkou Bar,” or “Exploring the World’s First DIY laboratory,” we promise you’ll see a side of Ishinomaki you’ve never seen before!

Oshikabito START UP Anniversary Project: Go, Design, Voyage!
Dates: 7/25-7/26
Times: 7/25 9:30 to 7/26 15:00
Location: Kobuchi Beach, Oshika Peninsula Limited to 6 participants
Admission: ¥12,000
Reservations: Required
Sponsored by: Oshika Link Inc.

A project to help rejuvenate the Oshika Peninsula and its people, Go, Design, Voyage! will start in June. Using your firsthand experience with the people, food, and natural beauty of Oshika as prompts, you’ll be able to design a new tour that includes all of your favorite stops.

Showa Ishinomaki
Date: 7/31
Time: Approximately 7PM (after sunset)
Location: Kankeimaru Flagship Store Building
Admission: Free
Reservations: Not Required
Sponsored by: Ishinomaki Friday Movie Theater
Community Cinema Center (Cinema Yell Tohoku)
Sendai 20th Century Archive NPO

Screened to much acclaim last year, we’ll once again be showing “Showa Ishinomaki in 8 mm.” Take a step back in time onto Aitopia Street and experience what Ishinomaki was like during the Showa Era.

Manoken, Opening Alley
Times: Exhibition: 10PM-6PM Guided Tour: 2:00PM-3:30PM
Location: Hiyori Atelier, Tachimachi 2-7-26, Ishinomaki (Across from Hiyori Kitchen)
Admission: Free
Reservations: Not Required
Inquiries: 0225-25-4953,
Sponsored by: Tokyo Institute of Technology / Mano Laboratory

Tokyo Institute of Technology’s Mano Laboratory (Manoken) has been deeply involved in rebuilding Ishinomaki since the tsunami disaster. The new spaces they’ve helped create include sharehouses, a community cafe created through renovating a kimono retailer, and a DIY bar project that involved converting a store that had been flooded to the ceiling. At this year’s STAND UP WEEK, Manoken will be giving a guided tour of some of the projects they’ve been completed.

Oshika Bicycle Tour
Dates: Workshop: 8/1, Ride: 8/2
Times: Workshop: 5:00-19:00, Ride: 7:30-16:00
Location: Workshop: Yahoo! Ishinomaki Recovery Base, 42 Sengokuchou 4-chome, Ishinomaki
Ride: Depart from Yahoo! Ishinomaki Recovery Base
Admission: ¥3,000
Reservations: Required
Inquiries: 0225-25-4953,
Sponsored by: Yahoo! JAPAN Inc. Chiba Manabu Architects

Cruise the hills connecting vibrant ocean, sandy beaches, and verdant forests of the Oshika Peninsula while learning about the current state of recovery efforts through this one of a kind cycling tour. The day before we’ll be holding a workshop to discuss ways to make Ishinomaki an even more pleasant town in which to go for a ride.

Dates: 7/25-7/26
Location: Dock 13, Kitakamimachi, Ishinomaki
Admission: Free (CLUB MERMAN membership required, though students may participate without a membership. See registration page for details.)
Reservations: Required
Inquiries: 0225-98-7071,
Sponsored by: Fisherman Japan Inc.

A collaboration between Fisherman Japan and Ishinomaki-based Makigumi creative team, TRITON PROJECT’s goal is to build a base for local fishermen aiming to revolutionize the industry. This time we’ll be demonstrating how to farm scallops and the highest quality wakame at the newly built TRITON 13 base. A fantastic opportunity to interact with fishermen and learn about the fishing industry.
Since the tsunami, people across Ishinomaki have come together to find solutions to local issues. “How do we spur innovation to improve the local economy?” “What can we do to make our community happier?” “What does it mean to be a ‘fun’ city and how do we get there?” Please join us for tea as we casually discuss these and similar topics.

Experience Ishinomaki’s innovations in education

Ishinomaki Hackathon
Dates: 7/24-7/26
Times: 7/24 3PM to 7/26 3PM
Locations: Aitopia Hall (7/24), Ishinomaki Technical High School (7/25-7/26)
Admission: Free Limited to 200 participants
Reservations: RSVP on the Facebook Event Page
Sponsored by: ITNAV Inc.

A three day long application coding event for all levels brought to you by ITNAV, a group dedicated to creating a local space for young people to learn tech skills. Joining Ishinomaki’s legacy as an oceanside town and its characteristic “flow” of people and ideas, this year’s theme is “the sea.” This is a unique opportunity to have fun while learning tech skills close to home.

Ishinomaki Gakko Presents: Ishinomaki Quest
Date: 7/26
Time: 10AM-5PM
Location: Start from Ishinomaki Station, City Center
Admission: Free
Reservations: Not Needed
Sponsored by: Ishinomaki Gakko

Our team is committed to creating an environment where high school students and other young people have the power to implement their own projects to make the town a better place. Using the city center’s landmarks as clues, we hope you enjoy the treasure hunt we’ve prepared for you!

Community Forum: Building Our Children’s Future
Date: 7/25
Time: 10AM-3:30PM
Location: Aitopia Hall
Admission: Free
Reservations: Not Needed
Sponsored by: Ishinomaki City Education Committee
Ishinomaki Committee for the Advancement of Building Our Children’s Future

Ishinomaki Quest
Date: 7/29
Times: Information for morning session: 10AM-10:30AM
Information for afternoon session: 1:30PM-2PM
Locations: Area around Ishinomaki Station and Chuo Shopping District
Admission: Free
Reservations: Not Required
Inquiries: 0225-25-4953,
Sponsored by: Ishinomaki School

One summer day a high school culture festival suddenly appears across the town. As you enjoy painting, calligraphy, and other exhibits you begin to stumble across mysterious “clues.” Where will they lead you next? And what lies waiting at the end of the trail?

Experience Ishinomaki’s Street Culture

Okada Theater Under the Starry Sky
Date: 7/25
Time: 7PM-9PM
Location: Parking lot next to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, 5-17 Tachimachi 1-chome, Ishinomaki
Admission: Free Limited to 300 viewers
Reservations: Not Needed
Sponsored by: Ishinomaki Friday Movie Theater
Community Cinema Center (Cinema Yell Tohoku)

An outdoor event for all ages, we’ll once again be projecting a film onto the exterior of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry through the support of the Okada Theater. This year’s film will be Doraemon: Nobita’s Space Heroes.

Date: 7/26
Time: 4PM-8PM
Location: Mamaikuko Ishinomaki (Now Closed) 2-9-3 Chuo, Ishinomaki
Admission: ¥1,000

Celebrating its second anniversary on July 26th, this year’s KOTOBUKI NEXT DANCE anniversary party’s theme is “Sunset Disco.” As the name suggests, disco sounds reminiscent of our parents’ youth will be in the limelight at this year’s event.

Date: 8/11
Time: 10AM-6:30PM
Location: Umeshin Sports and Ishinomaki Children’s Community Center’s parking lot
Admission: Free
Reservations: Not Needed
Sponsored by: ISHINOMAKI 2.0

A city-wide gathering have fun playing street sports! From skateboarding and BMX to breakdancing and futsal, this event gives children the chance to interact with pros from across the country. Come join us to learn new games, explore new playgrounds, and meet new friends!

2015 Secondhand Book Fair
Date: 7/25
Time: 11AM-4PM
Location: Various locations in the Chuo Shopping District
Admission: Free
Reservations: Not Needed
Sponsored by: Ishinomaki Bookshelf

This year will mark Ishinomaki’s 4th annual Secondhand Book Fair, bringing together publishers, illustrators, and independent bookstore owners from across the country. Celebrating the port town’s rich history as a gathering place of people, ideas, and culture, we hope you enjoy the landscape of Ishinomaki adorned in the colors of countless books.

Matchmaking in Yukatas
Date: 7/26
Time: From morning to evening
Location: Various food and clothing stores in the city
Admission: ¥4,000. Limited to 30 participants
Reservations: Required
Sponsored by: ISHINOMAKI 2.0

Get to know someone new as you explore the heart of Ishinomaki. Traveling from shop to shop, experiencing Ishinomaki both old and new, this is an opportunity to discover intimacy far beyond that of a mere date.

Date: 7/30
Time: 7PM-9PM
Location: Hashidori Commons
Admission: Free (you’re free to bring additional games and consoles)
Reservations: Not Needed

KOTOBUKI DANCE HALL is bringing one of its biggest hits streetside: video games! Using a projector to project onto the walls of the city, we’ll by enjoying the NES’ 100 Greatest Hits on the big screen.

Date: 8/1
Time: 10:30AM-12PM
Location: Hashi-Dori COMMON, 8-9 Chuo 2-chome, Ishinomaki
Admission: Free (Donations Accepted)
Reservations: Not Required
Inquiries: 0225-25-4953,
Sponsored by: ISHINOMAKI 2.0

Keisuke Yuki:
Tivoli Family Theater
Short Range Manly MISSILE Theater Troupe: